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About the Bill

A Short Introduction to S.1257/H.2090

Introduced in the House and Senate by Representative Sean Garballey and Senator Mike Barrett, these bills are now under consideration in the 192nd Session of the Massachusetts Legislature. Watch the video and scroll through the links to learn more.

About the Bill: Video


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Widespread Support

33 Senators and Representatives are co-sponsors of this bill.

Co-sponsors of the House bill (H.2090)

Co-sponsors of the Senate bill (S.1257)


Pathways to Passage

1.  Bill Introduced in House (H.2090) and Senate (S.1257).

2.  Current Committee:

Joint Committee on Mental Health,

Substance Abuse, & Recovery

3.  If voted out favorably by committee,

then bill will be sent to...

4.  One additional committee.

If voted out favorably by committee,

then the bill will receive a vote for passage.

5.  Session ends July 31, 2022.

About the Bill: Team
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